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The atmosphere of unbridled fun, relaxation, without borders and conventions, dances to the sets of the most popular artists of different styles and directions.

Here's what again and again leads numerous guests to the club. We are a new nightclub,who  in a short time has earned the love of the public. What is the secret of our success? In the very name struck some kind of riddle, hint at something unique, supernatural and attractive. It is what we try to be for our guests. As for music, here is everyrhing only the best. A team of professionals provides selected musical material firsthand.Each party in our club is a real blast of positive energy, dance, high-quality sound and good music.

A plethora of musical styles is represented by regular themed parties. For 9-year-old history, the club managed to acquire image of the club with the correct and invariable quality booking. The target audience is a beautiful and fashionable audience, vigilance of dress code and face control services largely contribute to this. Affordable prices, comfort, always hit and current music and popular shows for a long time gather different  people. Join us-keep the rhythm!


Club 8 is beyond all the stereotypes. These are the brightest and best parties, stunning shows! The most stylish and popular music! The atmosphere of unbridled fun, relaxation, without borders and conventionalities.