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Nightclub 8 approached to a number of world-class dance venues of the planet thanks to the modern interior design and the latest sound system in the world, Funktion One. But most importantly, the number of popular foreign artists, who often invites the club. These components of an unforgettable vacation earned respect of experts in the field of dance culture and of course the popular love.

DJ is a person who engages in playback copied on audio mediums musical creations with processing and without processing.

DJ is quite popular and ubiquitous profession among young people who give preference to varied musical threads. DJ work is opening for large masses of people (the audience) with the help of music tracks that are played using special technical equipment.

The main purpose of the DJ-make the audience move, dance on the dance floor.

In modern DJing three main areas are developed: radio, club and outdoor DJing. So, radio DJing DJ work in direct radio. Club DJing is held exclusively in institutions of the closed type, so-called clubs.

House is undoubtedly the main style of the 90 's. You do not need the explaination how sounds the House.

In an era of undivided dominion of disco, this style was quite elaborate and, of course, ultrastylish in very narrow progressive circles. Style house was created exclusively for dancing and exclusively using electronic musical instruments — drum machines and synthesizers.

This style appeared in the mid-80 's in Chicago.

There are several versions of the origin of the name of this style. One of them says that the House was named in honour of the Club's name Warehouse where local DJs for the first time have begun to mix music of Kraftwerk with straight bits, made on a drum machine.

Acid house very quickly conquered the first position in the British pop charts with hits from the commands M/A/R/R/S, S'Express and Technotronic lyrics until the end of the 90-ies.

Acid House style first appeared in the mid-80 's in the works of Chicago musicians such as DJ Pierre, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Adonis and Phuture (the latter coined the term for the classic single "Acid Trax").

Dance style, issuing American house music worldwide.

Mixing elements of the house, which were already popular in Chicago (as well as in New York) with heavy music and deep bass synthesizer Roland TB-303. The direction of the acid house was distributed only in Chicago until the plates do not fall on the other side of the Atlantic in the hands of a young and energetic British.




12 \ 03 \ 2014

We have prepared for our guests six kinds of homemade pasta. When you order any pasta, you get panna cotta for free!